Mellem Mennesker #2

Mellem Mennesker / Human to Human #2, Heibergskolen, Østerbro, København

Et social art projekt
Stedsrelateret offentligt værk

Mellem Mennesker / Human to Human #2
Stonewareclay, plywood, paint
H 200 x W 500 x D 9 cm

In december 2018 Human to Human was installed at the local municipality school Heibergskolen at Østerbro. Since the autumn 2017 Human to Human had been hanging at the Metro Fence at Krauseparken a bit further down the road. Human to Human is the result of a social art project involving around 800 people passing by my transportable and temporary workshop in the area around Krauseparken. As a gestus of care, people at all ages were with different pressures folding their hands around a pice of clay leaving their marks as symbolic handshakes. The handshakes were burned and fixed on the board in a form created during the social act. Further, on a small card the participants were writing a few words about care. These words are collected in the QR-code below. For more details see Human to Human #1.

Thank you to Heibergskolen and Østerbro Lokaludvalg for making it possible to let Human to Human stay in the area where it was created.