Nets (Net) at Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Global Platform Denmark 2017-2018

Siterelated installation

13 networks of handwoven black wire. Each network has a dimension of   H 320 x W 120 x D 0,4 cm. The networks are transparent with open ends of wire sticking out.
Dimensions of the total work H 1800 x W 270 x D 70 cm

At Global Platform Denmark Nets II is installed in the 18-meter staircase. Entering the house on the ground floor, you will find only one of the 13 networks in black wire hanging down. But up the staircase to the 4th floor, the networks gradually increases in number and density. You can walk around the networks. You can see through but not pass through the networks. The networks are present all the way up and down the staircase and you cannot escape them before leaving the staircase itself. Nets II is about human dreams and reality, temptations and obstacles, possibilities and limitations.